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A big welcome to my readers! Let’s be honest, at this stage that group includes my mum, bestie, husband, and a few loyal aunts. Please be assured that I have a plan to grow my readership which will greatly reduce your obligation each week.

I have given a good deal of thought to the kind of blog I wanted to create. When I consider blogs that I enjoy reading, it’s not necessarily the subject matter that holds me, but the voice. I love an authentic voice as much as I love to laugh. I hope to afford you both.

For years now I have been writing in the shadows, waiting to be initiated into an imagined community of writers who had ‘made it’. It turns out that many of those writers feel as fraudulent as I do, but they took their words and stepped out into the light anyway. I read recently about a writer who compares the emerging process to being seated at the kids table at a party. She waited a long time to join the grown-ups. Eventually she got sick of waiting for her invitation, so she took her tiny chair, dragged it, scraping the entire way, up to the big table, and sat down. And guess what? No one asked her to leave. So here I am, chair in hand. It’s time to get to work.

This blog will share my creative journey. Any person who has tried to ‘create’ in a house full of young boys and an accountant husband who does not like to read (oddly specific), might relate. Personal musings will be balanced out by some quirky writing. Next week I will be posting a children’s book review. Just don’t expect it to be useful or inoffensive – that’s not really my style.

Tan x


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