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I am writer/mum/Lego expert who lives in Melbourne, Australia.

The road to writer has been a convoluted one. Prior to three children and an accidental six-year stint in media/advertising, I completed a professional writing course and set about writing bad novels on a laptop I could not afford. There was a nagging problem—I needed to eat. Creative endeavours were put on hold as I went about making money. I lost my way. But writing is an illness, and you can only numb the symptoms for so long before the words begin to decay inside of you. I am now back writing fiction and loving it.

If you are interested in having a snoop through my formal qualifications, here they are…

  • Bachelor of Professional Communication – Monash University
  • Advanced Diploma of Business (Public Relations) – Holmesglen Institute
  • Diploma of Arts (Professional writing & editing) – Box Hill Institute
  • Copywriting Essentials – Australian Writers’ Centre