The Majestic Impostor cover reveal

A relentless love. An impossible choice.

Who is ready for the final part of Aldara and Tyron’s story? Not long now. A number of readers have emailed me with some very entertaining storyline guesses. If you have one of your own, comment below.

I’ll be sharing details and teasers in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

The Companion series makeover

I have learned a lot about my own writing through my readers. For instance, it turns out that my romance style is a little on the darker side. I suppose opening book one with a hanging is the first clue there.

Because the series contains elements from a number of romance sub-genres (medieval, fantasy, suspense), it’s always difficult to know how to market it. Lucky for me, direct feedback from you guys, together with data from sites like Amazon and Goodreads, helps with this. It turns out that as well as having a medieval and fantasy audience, I also have a lot of young adult and fairytale readers. This has forced me to look at the current book covers and ask the difficult question of ‘are they appealing to these audiences?’

So what to do when the answer is no?

I turned to a trusted high school buddy who was an exceptionally talented artist back in the day (and is an exceptionally talented graphic designer now) and asked for help. Help he did. He took my brain-dump of ideas (it was messy) and created the covers you see below.

I really hope these better represent the story and help new readers decide if the series is for them.

Stay tuned as I’ll be revealing the cover for book three, The Majestic Impostor, later in the month.